Art Clay Copper 50g

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1 x 50g Art Clay Copper


Art Clay Copper only requires a 30-minute kiln firing time and you don't need to use any activated carbon 

 - you can even fire it with a torch! 


Firing Art Clay Copper


Kiln Firing:

Put the dried clay on shelf paper on a kiln shelf, as the copper can stick to the shelf slightly.

Place in a hot kiln and fire at 970C for 30 minutes.


Butane torch firing.

Place piece no larger than a 50p coin and 35 grams weight on a firing brick and heat until cherry red for at least 5-7 minutes, depending on size.

Pieces 10g or less and 1mm or less in thickness can fire for at least 5 minutes; pieces up to 25g and 2.5mm thick can fire for at least 7 minutes; larger items should fire for 10 minutes. 



After firing, take out the fired piece with tweezers or tongs from the kiln, and quench immediately in cool water.



This will remove most of the oxidized layer which occurs during firing. If the piece has a lot of firesale it will require pickling.

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