OneFire Sterling 20g

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20g OneFire Sterling PMC

PMC OneFire Sterling - PMC OneFire Sterling is stronger than all fine silver versions of silver clay (99.9%) but has a higher purity than standard PMC Sterling 

Kiln fire at 870 - 900°C for one hour 

PMC OneFire Sterling - cannot be fired with a handheld torch.

The clay is ready to use straight from the pack. The clay is grey in colour but this will transform into a bright, white silver once fired and polished. Use Badger Balm or a little olive oil as a release agent for your hands, texture mats and plates. There is no need to use a release agent for your spacers, roller, work surface or moulds.

The dense nature of the clay means that it requires a little longer to dry compared to PMC3 or PMC Flex. 

Dry items can be placed in a cold or preheated kiln. Place on a porous kiln shelf and insert into the cold/preheated kiln. There is no need to use carbon. 3D items can be supported on some kiln pillow.

Firing schedule: Full ramp to 900C and hold for one hour. Approx. shrink rate is 15%.

Once fired, items will look grey in colour. Quench in water 


  • Considerably stronger than any other type of PMC; feels and handles like wrought or cast sterling silver
  • Brighter, whiter silver once fired compared to PMC3 and PMC Flex
  • Long working time; in tests we rolled the clay 15-18 times without cracking
  • Easily made into smooth paste – ideal for leaf and organic painting projects
  • Joins with minimal effort
  • Firmer texture compared to PMC Flex means it is easily manipulated/sculpted by hand and cut without dragging using a needle tool or safety cutter
  • Takes great detail – ideal for fingerprint jewellery
  • Easily carved
  • Can be combined with PMC3 Syringe and paste
  • Smooth texture of the clay means much-reduced refining/sanding is required
  • No fire sale (no need to place in safety pickle or Picklean)
  • Quickly polishes up
  • Takes antiquing solutions, such as Platinol well
  • Easily soldered
  • High silver content means it easily meets UK hallmarking standards for sterling silver
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