PMC3 Silver Clay 50g

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50g PMC3 Silver Clay

Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC3) 27.8gms of clay contains 25 gms of Fine Silver. Precious Metal Clay 3 is a fast firing material this clay fuses in as little as ten minutes in a kiln. Shrinkage is approximately 8 to 10%.

When fired at 900°C for two hours, PMC3™ is the strongest fine silver metal clay available. It has a finer, smoother composition that’s easy to work with and manipulate. You can also embed findings with confidence--firing at a low temperature means they won’t be heat-damaged. PMC3 is suitable for torch-firing as well as kiln-firing. 


Melting point: 960°C

Firing temp.:

  • 900°C for two hours to achieve the highest hardness and maximum durability;

  • 600°C for 45 minutes;

  • 650°C for 20 minutes;

  • 700°C for 10 minutes.


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